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This summary report of the most fundamental aspects of International Islamic Federation of Labor and includes preliminary definitions about the importance of the Union and its objectives and areas of work and future directions, based on the realities of this report:

Systems, International Islamic Federation to work on 22 December 2009 and a workshop on project "University Work" capital of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat. And have participated in the workshops, the heads of trade unions and members of the Federation of Malaysia, Morocco, Lebanon

The first laws of history that the United advance work and perseverance it down and then collapse when replaced by the luxury, convenience and reliance on others. The work is not just a concept or a slogan or a speech, but is the basis for ad valorem system fully suspect

International Islamic Federation of Action is an international independent, non-governmental organization, was founded to represent the labor force for the people of the Muslim countries of all faiths, beliefs and origins, in order to defend their interests and the interests of their people and nation, and toured

International Islamic Federation of the work of organizing workshops, "University of the open labor"

Thinker Nasr Aref writes about the work culture and cultural advancement of the nation

Strategic directions of the Federation of International Islamic Action

International Islamic Federation of the work .. an independent international body to represent the labor force for the people of the Muslim countries of all faiths and beliefs and their origins

About Us
Our conference
Basic Law
Strategic Directions
Literature on trade union
Organs of the Union

January 2010

Development Jihad – by Gamal al-Banna

The great cause of the Islamic countries is the "development", which remedied underdevelopment that is the greatest challenge facing us .. For many years the Union International Islamic idea to work

Dr. Samir Bodenar writes about the "current challenges to the security of the community"

What you know can be observed movement of the world economy accelerated in the development of new structures of production, does not give the central importance of human beings, not keen on his status as the basis and the first conditions for development

International Federation of the Islamic Action welcomes the accession of non-Islamic organization to

Permissible for non-Muslim to join the Union as long as it believes in its mission and undertake to respect the constitution, and not in this paradox because Islam came after the other monotheistic religions it recognizes

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